Don Woodard of Ol'Fashioned Lumber

Don Woodard of Ol'Fashioned Lumber

Located in San Diego's Barrio Logan, Ol' Fashioned Lumber is a purveyor of fine woodworking and lumber sales.

Ol'Fashioned Lumber specializes in custom furniture and unique wood product sales.  We take the time to carefully select each individual piece of wood for a one of a kind creation.  Created by nature and refined by us here in the heart of San Diego. Our products are sourced sustainably in the United States.  

Ol'Fashioned was created by Don Woodard in 2016 after making a decision to live his dream.  

"I wanted to make my passion for wood and creativity my full time obsession.  Loving what you do for a living is one of the keys to happy existence."  





Zakhar was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.  He credits his passion for woodworking for leading him to the US and his good sense for landing in San Diego, CA.  Soon after his arrival, Zakhar start a woodworking company called REMESLO.  Without a shop, he setup in a parking lot to fulfill a huge cutting board order from New York City.  Don Woodard happened to pass by while Zak was working and they began talking.  Don and Zak shared a vision and as a result, Zak came to work at Ol'fashioned Lumber.  His ability, passion, and vision make him a key member of the Ol'fashioned team.