Your source for unique tables, decor and custom furniture from local trees and reclaimed lumber.

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Office & Commercial

We work closely with architects, designers and furniture dealers to create the desired look for your interior and exterior projects. Furniture, shelves, doors, paneling, mirrors and signage. 

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Homeowners and luxury home builders can customize with ease. Mantels, custom furniture, custom build-outs, and more. Bring your ideas to us and our designer can bring them to life! 


Restaurant & Bar

Our design-build services are a perfect solution for the hospitality sector. Whether a new build-out or retrofitting an existing space, our team can turn your empty retail space into a crowd-pleasing environment.


Sustainability of our natural resources matters! Because every board and beam we mill is guaranteed reclaimed wood, our products are eligible to contribute a number of LEED points to a project. Furniture, signage, paneling, historical artifacts - regardless of your needs, our team can contribute to your Green Building, LEEDS certification or Living Building project.

Credits that Old Fashioned Lumber reclaimed wood products are eligible for include:

  • MR Credit 3: Materials Reuse: 1-2 Points

  • MR Credit 5: Regional Materials: 1-2 Points

  • MR Credit 4: Recycled Content: 1-2 Points

  • MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials: 1 Point

  • MR Credit 7: Certified Wood: 1 Point

  • IEQ Credit 4.4: Low-Emitting Materials—Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products: 1 Point

  • Innovation and Design Process- ID: 1-4 PointsSusta

As a contributing business to Trees San Diego and a collection lumberyard for the local utility companies, Old Fashioned Lumber is reducing the footprint by repurposing local trees and distributing furnishings and building supplies on a local scale.