How to Design a Custom Dining Table

Finding the perfect dining room table that fits your style and décor is an endeavour that can seem daunting. That is why many homeowners and designers take the extra time to create a custom table. A one-of-a-kind-piece that becomes the focal point for the room.


What is Your Style?

What type of décor is uniquely you? Modern, traditional, SoCal chic, worldly eclectic? Are you creating an outdoor dining space? Do you have large or small gatherings? Do you want to create a table specifically for this home and décor or a legacy piece that will be passed down for generations?

These are a few of the questions that the designers assisting you will ask. Create a style book and start collecting pictures of designs that you like. Save them from internet searches, tear them out of magazines, take pictures when you are out-and-about. Having sources to reference and being able to tell the designer specifically what you like and do not like will be vital to creating the table that you want.


What is the Size of the Room?

Do you have a large formal dining room? An open floor plan that requires a table that will be used for multiple functions? Are you creating an informal and comfortable banquette seating area off of your kitchen for the family to use for quick meals, afternoon study time and game nights?

Sketch out a floor plan of the space where you would like to put your table. Take the measurements so that the designer can have the scale of the room. Take into account high or low ceilings, the finishes of the room (flooring, walls, ceiling) and the architectural details that will add or detract from your table. Take pictures of critical elements and the overall room. Giving the designer as many details of the space will assist in creating the correctly scaled table.

What Type of Table?

Do you want a live-edge table? Do you want to showcase the grain of the wood by bookmatching the slabs? Do you want to create a dramatic effect with the live edge encased in resin running down the center of the table? Do you want a large formal dining table or a casual, simple kitchen table? Do you want it to have a modern touch with a unique table base?

Tables can be designed to precisely fit your space and needs. Power sources and hidden drawers can be added, ADA accessible spaces that make it easier for a wheelchair to roll under the table can be created, speciality architectural elements can be added. The fun in designing your own table is that your design is only limited by your imagination.

Type of Wood

At Old Fashioned Lumber, we have an entire lumberyard filled with wood slabs, reclaimed lumber and barn wood. Your task is to decide the color, grain and weight of wood that you desire. You also have the options of epoxy, resin, char, paints and stains to enhance the design. 

As you start designing your décor, pay attention to the types of woods and grain that catch your eye. Do you want it to be a modern look with a light maple wood or possibly a charred black finish? Do you want simple metal legs and what color finish - copper, chrome, matte black or an intense color? Do you want it to feel organic with the live edge encased in resin finished with modern legs? Do you want to go with a more traditional look by using a darker wood and sculpted legs? The choices are endless!

 Involve a Designer

Designers are the experts that bring your ideas to life. Talk with your designer of choice about the table of your dreams. They can best convey your ideas into a finished product once they genuinely know your story, how the table will be used and how you want it to fit with your décor. 

Old Fashioned Lumber has crafted tables for families, corporations, restaurants and hotels. Our designers can help you develop your idea within your budget so that you have the exact table that you desire. Picking out the slab from which to create the table is a story that you will get to tell as your friends and family gather around. 

Our team is there for you from tree-to-table. Having worked with families to save the favorite tree by turning it into a table or working with local farmers to use avocado root balls to create a table that are works of art, our team has experience. We can create a table for you that will become the treasured piece that is passed down through generations.

Call our team today to schedule your appointment at our showroom and workshop to get started on your table. Our typical lead time in creating your masterpiece is 3 to 4 weeks.