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San Diego's Eco-Friendly Custom Design and Fabrication shop

At Old Fashioned Lumber, we work with locally sourced reclaimed wood to create custom live edge furniture. We begin with the harvesting, milling and drying processes. Our team then designs and builds furniture and fixtures from these trees. Many of our building materials come from timber reclaimed from historic buildings and piers.

We hand make custom rustic furniture out of reclaimed and salvaged wood slabs. Our elegant, one-of-a-kind live edge wood slabs are created from upcycled high-quality lumber.

We specialize in crafting custom furniture and unique wood products. We take the time to carefully select each individual piece of wood for a personalized creation. Gifted to us by nature and refined here in the heart of San Diego, our products are sustainably sourced from throughout the United States.

Our standard line allows you to provide your client with a customized piece. We can also build anything that you design – let your imagination to run wild!

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Don Woodard

Owner & Craftsman


Growing up in the outdoors was the guiding force that influenced Don on his career path toward becoming the skilled Craftsman he is today. Drawn to the Pacific Northwest, he refined and honed his skills as an arborist and tree surgeon enjoying his time away from work to explore the rivers as a guide. That love of nature is now expressed brilliantly in the works of art he creates. Whether reclaiming lumber from old barns, or  repurposing a family’s dying favorite tree, Don is a natural craftsman who sees nature’s beauty beneath the surface. An avid contributor to San Diego’s sustainability ecosystem, Don is working with Trees San Diego and other environmentally conscious organizations to improve the recycling of our natural resources.

Growing up in Russia, Zak braved frigid temperatures to learn his craft. Apprenticing with traditional furniture masters, he was taught century-old techniques in the restoration of antiques and of cabinetry. Delving into his art, he worked in Moscow with famous craftsmen. Using only chain saws and creating natural dyes from the bark of trees, he enhanced his furniture making skills. As an avid wood and metal craftsman, his mind always formulating designs and ways to improve the process, Zak pursued formal training and received his Masters in Industrial Engineering from the Moscow State Institute of Railroad Transportation. Wanting to expand his expertise, he moved to New York to attend the Engineering Advancement program at Cooper Union School of Art and Engineering. While in New York, Zak worked at L’oreal in product quality assurance. Realizing his passion for furniture making, he moved to San Diego and has since been honing and showcasing his craft as the lead designer for Old Fashioned Lumber.


Designer & Craftsman

Don and his staff are so passionate about what they do and create beautiful pieces! They crafted a 10 ft live edge dining table and an amazing fireplace mantle for my new farmhouse and I absolutely love how they completed the look I was going for!! True artisans with an incredible selection of wood types. Give them your vision and they’ll make it happen. Everyone who visits my home oohs & aahs over their work. I couldn’t be more pleased!

-Napolito Farms

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